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1. Click the "Pay" button.
2. Enter the SAME email you used to register on Wasku Island.
3. Pay the invoice
4. Write down your invoice number or last 4 digits of the BTC address
5. On the Wasku Island registration page. Type in your invoice number or the BTC address you paid with "as proof of payment"
6. Wait until we manually verify the payment and approve your account.

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Wasku Island Membership

(Bitcoin Only)
$20USD for 1 Year.

With this membership you will be supporting us for a whole year.

We appreciate your membership.

The Wasku Team.

Wasku Island - Donate
$2.00 minimum

(Bitcoin Only)

Want to support us? Your donations are helpful for us to pay for our servers costs, hire more programmers to add new features to our sites.

Use the up & down arrows to change the donation amount

We appreciate your doantions.

The Wasku Team.